British teens make the best cam girls

I read on another blog that British teens are by far the best cam girls. One of the top reasons is because of our accent, guys around the world especially the US just love our accent and just love it when we talk dirty, I’ve been a cam girl myself for overĀ 1 year now, you can see me on the website most nights and from my experience most guys just want me to talk in a posh London accent but say really nasty things which I really don’t mind (I actually quite like it!). I had a guy last night from London who said I was the best cam girl he had ever watched, he said that I always do what is asked of me no matter how outrageous the request. I actually had a really good time with him, he picked some nice yellow knickers for me to wear and he had me so wet that my knickers were all sticky and gooey before he let me take them off! It was a whole hour before he finally let me cum and we came together, he showed me a pic of his mess, it was such a turn on, I can’t waiting for him to come back tomorrow. Maybe that’s why guys just love us British girl because we’re just so naughty! I’m only 19 and I find web camming so horny I can barely wait to get online and meet a new guy and see where he takes me. Guys and Girls if you want some cam fun or just want to chat with a pretty 19 year old from Surrey who is all alone at home then just click the link above or the photo and lets have a good old time! By the way I’m a nice girl with extremely beautiful eyes, smile and very hot body.